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“It’s all about getting away from the crowds, and taking a journey to discover new waves” – Think Surf Safari!!

January 4 2013 Categories: Our News, Products, Tips and Tricks, Videos

Moroccan Surf Adventures: Surfing Off The Beaten Track

Through the winter months Morocco is an increasingly popular destination  for those living in Europe wanting to get amongst some winter swell, in warm North African waters.

Moroccan Surf Adventures, co-owned by Denny Tolley and Nige Cross, is a first class company to go with when choosing a surfing holiday in Morocco.

Not only are you looked after  with some traditional home made Moroccan cuisine, but have the advantage to unrivalled local knowledge when it comes to which breaks will be working; which you want during short stays – get there, get waves.

These guys branch out to offer you:

  • Surfing Packages regardless of your ability
  • Offer you a “Whole Moroccan Experience”
  • Yoga – to keep you chilled, flexible and supple (ideal for surfing great).
  • And now they have offered the Saharan Adventure Package

The Saharan Surf Adventure Package is simply a “Surf Safari”:

Denny and the boys take you out to the desert, to a known and completely uncrowded wave where you can set up camp and follow the swell along the Agadir coastline. As the website says:

“It’s all about getting away from the crowds, and taking a journey to discover new waves”

The Guardian have approved see their video with a short interview with guests and owners:

When going to Morocco there are bit’s of hardware, clothing and equipment you may need to bring with you. Have you considered:

  • Xcel Mens Wetsuit Shorty – The water is still relatively warm, so either a shorty or a 3/2mm summer suit will do the trick.
  • Xcel Split Toe Reef Boots – Are also recommended as there are various reef breaks and pebble beaches, which can be a pain to walk across bare foot.
  • Xcel Rash Vest – If you don’t feel the cold so much and are surfing in boardies, a rash vest can prevent skin damage during those long epic sessions you have. Warmer water and better surf, foreign country = you’re out surfing for longer!
  • UV Ocean & Earth Ding Repair – There’s nothing worse than having your favourite board out of commission when the waves are pumping.


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