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Fin Templates – Scarfini Fins

January 18 2020 Categories: Products

Triocean Surf are proud to be the UK importers of Scarfini fins from South Africa, who produce a large range of fin templates and constructions.

Fin templates

Our shortboard range boasts a diverse selection of fin templates – single, twin, thruster, and quad fins in different constructions – carbon base, eco (made from hemp, cork and bamboo) and the extremely lightweight air tech (a mixture of recyclable material and air in the core).

This post is a helpful guide through the shortboard fins we stock, giving you the breakdown on the fin shapes and templates.

Longboard fins from Scarfini are available and will be discussed in a further post.

Equilibrium fin templates Scarfini fins

Equilibrium fin templates

An all-round template focused on performance in all conditions. Medium base and medium tip give a balanced and stable feel. Will work well for any type of board.

Available in twin tab (HX) and Futures base (FX), the four sizes are 0 (x-small) 1 (small), 2 (medium) and 3 (large). The 1,2 and 3 sizes are very similar to the FCS 3, 5 and 7 series or Futures 4, 6 and 8.

A great option for surfers who currently use composite fins and are looking to upgrade to a better fin for all round use.

Thruster and quad fins available. All quad fin sets come with the same quad rears.

This template of fin is available in the new air tech construction and carbon base technology.

Scarfini fins

Velox fin templates Scarfini fins

Velox fin templates

This fin template focuses on generating and maintaining speed. The side fins have a wider base than the equilibrium and less rear edge rake.

The centre fin in the Velox range is smaller than the sides which gives increased tail release.

Very similar to the Al merrick fin templates, (FCS AM2, GAM and Futures AM1, AM2).

These fins excel in powerful surf and so would be a great option for surfers looking for a set of fins for better waves or if you surf a consistent spot.

Available in two sizes – 2.5 and 5 in twin tab (HX) and Futures base (FX).

Thruster and quad fins available. All quad fin sets come with the same quad rears.

Scarfini shortboard fins

Direct fin templates Scarfini fins

Direct fin templates

A fin to help generate lots of drive. Good for powerful or heavier surfers. The large base allows great acceleration whilst the narrow tip gives release off the top of turns and allows easy rail to rail transitions for smooth turns.

A great option for good waves or a step-up board. An experienced surfer will benefit the most but these fins will suit any heavier or powerful surfers.

Thruster fins available in one size (4) in twin tab (FX) and Futures base (FX).

Scarfini large shortboard fins

Keel fin

A twin fin setup designed for traditional fish surfboards, such as the Luke Young Mahi 2.

A large base and surface area gives incredible speed down the line and smooth turning ability.

Available as a twin tab or Futures base.

Scarfini Keel Fins

Twin and trailer

The Scarfini twin and trailer fins are a similar template to the Mark Richards twin fin, with an added stabiliser centre fin. This fin set up comes with two extra large side fins and one small (smaller than trailer fin) size centre fin.

The benefits of this set up are: extra drive off your rail, from very large side fins, with the speed and looseness of a twin fin.

A very good upgrade for high volume shortboards with wider tails or modern fish surfboards.

Available as a twin tab or Futures base.

Scarfini Twin Fins


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