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Product of the week – Tootega Kayaks

June 1 2015 Categories: Product Of The Week

Product of the week – Tootega Kayaks

“The Pulse range”

At Triocean Surf we pride ourselves on great customer service and satisfaction. Part of this comes down to stocking products from brands that we would use ourselves and really believe in.

Over the past two years, we have built up a relationship with our latest kayak supplier – Tootega.

Being owned and run by James and Steve, two chaps with incredible knowledge and passion for the sport and the products they make, Tootega have fast made a great name for themselves, with an incredible range of kayaks under their belt, which they supply with lifetime guarantees. If this isn’t a sign of quality, then Im not sure what is!

The Pulse range of kayaks from Tootega has proven to be the most popular, with three different sizes, catering for any paddler – the Pulse 85, Pulse 95 and Pulse 120 (the first two being single kayaks and the latter a double).

At only 26kg, the Pulse 120 is one of the lightest double kayaks available on the market and at £599 including free paddles and deluxe seats, it’s a great boat at a great price.

The Pulse 85 ad Pulse 95, again come supplied with free paddles and deluxe seats and are £399 and £419 respectively.

“The Pulse kayak from tootega is a nice all-rounder sort of kayak that you could try a little bit of everything in. It’s confidence-inspiringly stable, tracks well and is manoeuvrable”

Ideal for: surf, beach fun, exploring rivers and lakes

Surf in the morning, explore the local river at lunch, sneak out for a fish in the afternoon. The Versatile Pulse is capable of all this and more.


Pulse 85 £399 | Pulse 95 £419 | Pulse 120 £599


For us, the pulse range from Tootega is the perfect blend of ease-of-use and stability, tracking and manoeuvrability. Being equally at home in the waves as it is exploring the rivers and coastal areas, we can really relate to this product as it almost seems like it was designed for the waterways we have here in the South West! Great to explore those coastal nooks, fish from and paddle up and down the estuaries with short stop off’s at the pub for a quick drink and a bite to eat.


Deck hatch

The handy 6″ deck hatch in the kayak means that you can safely and easily store all your gear that you need to have to hand – being between your legs, the deck hatch is readily accessible in a hurry and means you don’t even have to move! The hatch has a screw top with a gasket and conceals a water-resistant bag with a draw cord at the top.


Water bottle with holder

Everyone needs to keep hydrated on a paddle. With the free water bottle that sits securely in its handy holder in front of the hatch, you won’t need to search around for your water.




D-ring fittings

With stainless steel d-ring fittings around the kayak, you can tie anything you need to the boat or tie the boat to a mooring. Some paddlers fit a deck line to the kayak, which is a length of rope that goes through all the d-rings to give a line running all the way around the boat – can be useful to hold on to when getting in and out.




Paddle Keeper

If you ever need to do anything in the kayak once you’re out on the water, what do you do with the paddle? Do you carefully place it in the boat and hope it doesn’t fall in to the water? Not anymore. With the ergonomically designed paddle keepers, you can strap your paddle to the outside of the kayak when not in use, leaving your hands free to grab or sort out whatever you need.


Moulded handles

Carrying your kayak can be difficult with wrongly-fitted handles or even no handles at all. Tootega have chosen to design four handles in the Pulse range of kayaks – all moulded for superior strength and to ensure there are no parts to break! There are two at either end, meaning two people can carry the kayak with ease, or one can wheel the boat on a kayak trolley. Two moulded handles in the sides of the kayaks mean one person can carry it to and from the water’s edge and lift it on to a roof rack.

Wheel in the back? We have had a lot of people asking if the kayaks have wheels fitted on the underside at the back. From experience we have found these wheels to jam up with sand and dirt within the first few times of taking it out. and you will end up dragging the back of you kayak along the ground when the wheel stops working. For this reason, we think Tootega’s decision not to fit a wheel underneath and focus on well-designed carry handles is a great idea.







Our thoughts?

As one kayak to do it all – we simply think you cannot get any better. An extremely stable kayak that tracks well but also excels in the surf – it is our go-to kayak for most paddles and if it is the only kayak you buy, we think you will not be disappointed.

View the kayaks here

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