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Wetsuit Changing Accessories – We’re here to help

November 30 2017 Categories: Photos

Getting changed in and out of a wetsuit in the cold and wet before or after a surf is no easy feat. They are not the easiest things to get in and out of in the shop changing room or the comfort of your home, let alone in a freezing car park in February!

There are a few products we have tested and decided to stock in the shop, which really help the experience and give you more motivation to surf. We have listed these wetsuit changing accessories below with a brief description on how they may help you.

Wetsuit Change Mat

This product helps surfers, it helps wetsuits, it helps vehicles. It’s the gift that keeps on giving as they say.

Not only does it give you somewhere nice to stand on and change, it will keep the sand out of your wetsuit. After a surf, you can close up the mat and keep your wet wetsuit from ruining the boot of your car.

It is constructed from heavy-duty materials, so can withstand heavy use and can be rinsed out with ease.

At £27.95, it’s a useful addition to anyone’s kit list and will undoubtedly prolong the life of your wetsuit.

Wetsuit Changing MatOcean-and-Earth-Changing-Mat-2

The Surf Towel

Classic style, no nonsense. We all use them and the bottom line is that they work. The Sexwax surf towel is generously sized and is 100% cotton.

A perfect gift at £29.95

Sexwax Surf Towel

We are not saying the towel is an outdated invention, but the next two products are vast improvements in our opinion and offer many advantages to the trusty towel.

Changing Robe

Basically, a poncho style towel. The same towel material shaped to be worn similar to a poncho with a hood and arm holes. It is over-sized to allow changing whilst you wear it. Allows “hands free” changing capabilities and eliminates any accidental drops of the towel!

The same price as the surf towel, at only £29.95

Triocean Surf Changing Robe (Black)


The ultimate changing solution. Not only is it similar to the standard changing robe in the sense that it is poncho style and over-sized, but the interior is fleece lined and the exterior is waterproof and windproof. Two zipped pockets on the front as standard.

Available in small, medium and large. From £79.95

Dryrobe Surf Changing Robe Advance



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