The Air Fin from Scarfini | Lightweight Alternatives to FCS and Futures Fins

High Tech and Ultra Lightweight, The Air Fin by Scarfini

May 4 2018 Categories: News, Our News

Fresh in store at Triocean Surf is the next step in fin construction from our South African friends and fin experts at Scarfini. A super lightweight design and alternative to both FCS and Futures you’ll find nowhere else in the UK, or even Europe for that matter. 

But why do I need new fins you ask? Well, Scarfini themselves devised the Air Fin by asking the question: “Why, when every other element of our board setup is focused on being lightweight and flexible as possible, do fins get overlooked?”

Shapers are building more and more boards from EPS blanks and epoxy resin in a bid to shave weight and in turn, increase performance. We use slim, lightweight comp leashes to reduce drag and we wrap ourselves in thinner comp suits to maintain flexibility at the cost of warmth. To then jam a set of sub-par or old and chewed up thrusters in the bottom of your stick ain’t really doing it justice now, is it?

So, in the interest of lightweight, high performance flex, here’s a construction breakdown of the fin so light it floats…

Revolutionary Core Material

It’s called the Air Fin for a reason. The core of this blade contains a minimum of 90% air while the other 10% or less is made up of a combination of a closed-cell thermoplastic and recyclable polymer foam. This means it has an extraordinary resistance to fatigue, is UV resistant and has no water absorption.

Poly Cloth with an Ultra Fine Weave

The core is then supported by a poly cloth with an ultra fine weave which optimises strength towards the thin rear edge of the fin.

Control Flex Carbon Fibre

Lastly, carbon fibre is integrated from the base right up to the tip of the fin. This engineered design utilises the high strength to weight properties of carbon fibre to provide a super stiff base and leading edge while the trailing Air core will still allow plenty of flex.

So, if a high end alternative at a fraction of the cost of FCS and Futures fins sounds like something for you, check out our full range of Scarfini Air fins and more, HERE




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