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We’ve Changed The Way We Ship Cloth

August 20 2014 Categories: News, Product Reviews

We’re Changing The Way We Ship Cloth

For those of you who like to get their hand right into the fundamentals of surfboards through either shaping their own board or doing a few ding repairs themselves, we decided to incorporate your needs.

When shaping a surfboard, the DIY shaper much prefers when cloth is shipped in a roll. The reason being, once the board has been shaped and is ready for fibreglassing, it’s far easier (and neater) to unravel a roll of fibreglass (cloth) directly on to the blank, as opposed un folding meters of cloth (depending on board size).

However, the person who want’s a couple of metres for some minor repairs, may not have to unravel such a length and instead will take small clips of cloth to cover the damaged area.

As a result we’ve given you the option of buying cloth either:

Cloth Folded – 

For repairs on boards.

Cloth floded will be cheaper to ship, costing £2.95 “Standard Shipping”, unless you order over £35 worth, then shipping is free. Other instances where you may pay more is for “Special Delivery”, which will cost you £9.95 (this is usually next day if ordered before 12pm). Please see our Delivery & Returns. 

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 13.24.40


On A Roll

For shaping you own board.

Cloth on a roll will cost you £10.00 to ship, whether you order 1m or 100m. However, if you order cloth on a roll with blanks, you will only pay for the cost of shipping the blank. Shipping 1-2 blanks from 6’3″ – 7’10” is £19.95, and shipping 1-2 blanks from 8’5″ to 10’3″ will cost £34.95. Please see our Delivery & Returns. 

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 13.24.55

Obviously, if you’re shaping a board and are not really bothered how your cloth comes, feel free to order your cloth folded.

Otherwise enjoy your shaping and repairing, and feel free to contact us in the shop on 01548 854 676, we are open 7 days from 9-6, and we’ll be happy to help.

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