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FCS X2 Fin Plug Installation Guide

This video goes through each detailed step required in order to install FCS X2 fin plugs.

We sell everything you need so whether it’s Fibreglass Cloth, the fin plugs or Fcs tools you’re after we’ve got it.

These are the items used in order of appearance:


Xtra Foam Shapers Layout Square – £29.95

Used for marking out the position of the fins. 


FCS Plug Marking out Template – £4.95

Helps mark out the position of the fin plugs. 


FCS Holesaw Drill T-3 – £29.95

Depth set to plug depth, used to route out the plug hole on the board.


FCS Borer Drill T-4 & Tube T-5 – £29.95

Used to bore out the foam to install standard round plug.

Scarfini Fin Plug Set

Scarfini Thruster Fin Plug Set – £9.95

Plug set available in Trailers, Thruster, Quad and 5 Fin Set-Ups.



FCS Tri-Jig Set – £26.95

To set your plugs in the correct angles.

The plugs would have been held in using a mixture of Surfboard Resin, Catalyst and Q-Cell Filler. And a final top coat, also known as a hot coat would be used to give it a smooth professional finish. For information about mixes and measures please see our: Surfboard Resin Mixing video.

Here’s  what you’ll need:

Polyester Surfboard Resin

Polyester Surfboard Resin – from £4.95

Comes with Catalyst, which helps the resin go off (solidify). 


Q-Cell Micro Bubble Powder – £2.95

Mixed with resin & catalyst to fill gaps in the board (around the plug in this case).

You will also need fibreglass cloth, which is available on out website in 4OZ or 6OZ weights.  


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