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Surfboard Fin Systems

Surfboard Fin Systems With a lot of options for fin systems available, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make a choice, possibly struggling to figure out why one is better than the other or what disadvantages they may have. This article is designed to introduce the basic fin systems we come across and outline the advantages and…


Fitting Futures fins into your board

Fitting Futures fins into your board One of only a handful of Test Centres in the UK, Triocean Surf offers a number of Futures Fins displayed on a lovely fin tree available for free demo. Why not pop in and have a look? Got yourself a new board? Use this instructional video from Triocean Surf to help…

November 23 2014 Categories: Boards, Hardware & Equipment

Glassing a Surfboard - Cloth Weights and Glass Schedules

Glassing a Surfboard – Cloth Weights and Schedules

Glassing a Surfboard – Cloth Weights and Schedules When it comes to glassing a surfboard, one thing to think about, is how much fibreglass cloth you are going to put on the board. This is called the “glass schedule” and it relates to the final strength and weight of your board – the more layers…

April 3 2014 Categories: Boards, Surfboard Shaping & Repair

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