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Tube Ridin’ and Lip Slidin’
January 30 2013 Categories: Our News, Photos, Products, Uncategorized, Videos

Tube Ridin’ and Lip Slidin’

The title says it all – Take a few minutes to sit back and watch the style masters at work   There’s something about single fins and style – they just go hand-in-hand So grab the single fin from the bottom of the garden and get your steez on with one of our handcrafted Longboard…

January 29 2013 Categories: News, Our News, Photos, Products, Tips and Tricks, Videos

How to Time a Rock Jump

These un-favourable winds and large swells we are having at the moment may force you to find some shelter if you are looking for a wave. These waves could be in hard to reach places. This is a common problem with certain breaks and when the access is bad, you may have to enter and…

January 28 2013 Categories: Videos

Parko Kicking Off His 2013 Training with The Animal

Since winning the ASP title his year Joel Parkinson has had some deserved R&R! To kick off his 2013 title defence, Joel looks to be having some serious fun in D’bah tiny wave. Watch him pull into some small ones on the back of the Mad Huey’s famous dinghy: “THE ANIMAL”. It’s all about having…

“It’s all about getting away from the crowds, and taking a journey to discover new waves” – Think Surf Safari!!
January 4 2013 Categories: Our News, Products, Tips and Tricks, Videos

“It’s all about getting away from the crowds, and taking a journey to discover new waves” – Think Surf Safari!!

Moroccan Surf Adventures: Surfing Off The Beaten Track Through the winter months Morocco is an increasingly popular destination  for those living in Europe wanting to get amongst some winter swell, in warm North African waters. Moroccan Surf Adventures, co-owned by Denny Tolley and Nige Cross, is a first class company to go with when choosing…

Taj & Dane Getting Into Some Small Surf
December 31 2012 Categories: Our News, Videos

Taj & Dane Getting Into Some Small Surf

Here’s a good clip from Taj Burrow’s Vimeo page, the video Shortaj – Prepare for some aerials and good old fashions hacks and carves: The was originally Dane’s clip from his website: Summerteeth, filmed in L.A., California.c Taj riding his Lost “Mayhem”, and Dane his Al Merrick stick! With the 2013 only hours away, why not…

December 20 2012 Categories: Videos

Local Devon Surfer & Shapes In Raglan New Zealand – A Pretty Cool Place

Check out local surfer Jason McBroom tearing it up at Raglan, EnZed. The video – “A Left Sesh” In this video Jason is surfing a new OC “Machete “ Model surfboard, and is being filmed by another local boy Connor Mitchell, who is out there with him. For those of you who don’t know…

Xcel Wetsuits – Fit Is The Difference
August 17 2012 Categories: Videos

Xcel Wetsuits – Fit Is The Difference

In celebration of Xcel Wetsuit’s 30th anniversary this video shows exactly why Xcel have become highly trusted in the wetsuit industry. They continue to produce the best fitting wetsuit in the world.  

“El Mar, Mi Alma” at the Kingsbridge Reel Cinema
August 10 2012 Categories: News, Videos

“El Mar, Mi Alma” at the Kingsbridge Reel Cinema

“El Mar, Mi Alma” is being shown once and once only at The Reel Cinema in Kingsbridge. Date: Monday 20th August 2012 Time: 8.30pm El Mar, Mi Alma from Rebel Waltz Films on Vimeo.

Bruce Irons’ Flaring Surfboard
July 20 2012 Categories: Videos

Bruce Irons’ Flaring Surfboard

Unfortunately we don’t sell these in our shop… can you understand why?

March 22 2012 Categories: News, Videos

FCS Re-Signs Julian Wilson & Gabreil Medina

FCS is pleased to announce the re-signing of Julian Wilson and Gabriel Medina to their global surf team. Following a remarkable 12 months of success highlighted by multiple victories, both surfers were keen to maintain their commitment to the Genuine FCS products that have assisted in maximising their surfing performance. 2010 saw the release of…

Quicky Pro 2012 At Snapper Well Under Way
February 28 2012 Categories: News, Videos

Quicky Pro 2012 At Snapper Well Under Way

The first of the ASP WCT 2012 world tour events started on 25th February at Queenslands Snapper Rocks, Australia. As the competition has progressed we have seen some big names knocked out in the early stages such as Mick Fanning, John John Florence and Dane Reynolds. However it has set us up for an unmissable…

February 7 2012 Categories: Videos

“Hi How Are You?” Voice Overs, Drop-Ins and Body Surfing

Here’s a video that I found quite amusing this morning form the man that brought you Surf Madness It stars Jamie O’Brien and Kelly Slater, unknown to them, and like Surf Madness includes Stirling Spencer’s hilarious voice overs.

February 3 2012 Categories: News, Videos

Jon Jon Florence Wins The Volcom Pipeline Pro 2012

2012 Look out for Jon Jon Florence For those of you who have missed the last week of surfing headlines, you will soon see that 19 year old Hawaiian surfer Jon Jon Florence has beaten Jamie O’Brien (JOB) in the final of the Volcom Pipeline Pro. The final saw an exiting heat in which a…

One Happy Customer
January 27 2012 Categories: Videos

One Happy Customer

We recently had this short surf film sent to us from a happy customer that bought his first surfboard from us last summer. He’s riding a longboard surfboard, more specifically the Many Returns 9’6 with a sunburn spray. Got a video similar? Let us know!

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