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Adams Surfboards Cobra Performance Mal (8’0″)

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A small longboard design, with a pin tail for performance and many fin options for versatility

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Product Description

Adams Surfboards Cobra – Performance Mal (8’0″)

The Cobra is the brand new model from Adams Surfboards which takes inspiration from the Scorpion model by Donald Takayama.

The design is essentially a mini longboard. With a full nose shape and flat rocker like a longboard, the board will glide in to waves with ease and be extremely stable. The mid section outline is fairly parallel, giving down the line speed and glide and the tail is pulled in to a narrow pin shape. This will allow very tight turns to be performed and the board will feel extremely loose and responsive when you step back.

The Adams Cobra is a great board for people who ride a longboard and are looking for something that will be more responsive and easier to manage when the waves are bigger. This is not to say that it won’t surf well in small waves – It is an extremely versatile board.

Using a full rail profile in the nose and midsection makes for a flat, stable platform when trimming and nose riding, however the board has been foiled out (made thinner) towards the tail and in the rails in the tail. This gives the feeling that you are surfing a smaller board than you are, with the ability to turn the board tightly in critical sections of a wave.

Underneath, the board features a subtle single concave through the entry section of the board, which gently fades to a spiral vee before the fins and through the tail. This gives speed down the line but also increased performance when the board is easily put on rail through a turn.

Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to the fin options on the Cobra – there are three different fin setups you can choose from. With the single fin box and four sets of fin plugs, this board can be ridden as any of the following:

Single fin – This setup is allows for a traditional style of surfing with more flow but less performance. We would recommend the 9″ Scarfini longboard fin for all round glide and hold.

2+1 (main centre fin and trailers) – This setup will work well for all round surfing in most waves. We would recommend the 7.25″ Scarfini longboard fin and Scarfini Eco Series trailer fins to complete the look

Quad setup – This would be a good setup for when the waves get hollow as you have “more fin on the rail” for better hold in steeper waves. We would recommend the Scarfini HX4 Quad fins.


  • 8’0″ x 22 1/4″ x 3″
  • Box/Quad/Trailer fin setup (fins not included)
  • Pin tail
  • Single concave to spiral vee





Additional Information

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2 reviews for Adams Surfboards Cobra Performance Mal (8’0″)

  1. 5 out of 5


    I initially tried the 8’0” Cobra and absoluely loved it. Went really well in longboard conditions. However, I’ve already got an 8’0” minimal so in the end bought the 7’6” Cobra and I haven’t been disappointed. So far it’s gone brilliantly in everything from 1ft slop through to 5ft steep Watergate. However, where it’s at its best is 3ft clean waves where it offers more performance than a longboard. Overall I’ve loved this board. My only concern now is what I need my longboard and shortboard for…

  2. 5 out of 5


    Tried the 8ft demo Cobra fron Tri ocean surf and ordered one straight away. Have surfed it it 2 to 4 ft and am delighted how easy to paddle and surf it is. Being used to longboards have been thrilled how user friendly it is not to mention how much easier it is to just throw in the van or travel with.
    Can’t recommend this board highly enough

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